An effective pill treatment for prostate cancer may be in the form of supplementation. Vitamins and minerals necessary for good prostate health come in pills and are used in support of one’s healthy, prostate-focused diet. Antioxidants are good for one’s prostate as it helps prevents the action of cancer cells. Selenium and zinc have also been known to do well for your prostate health.

Another effective pill treatment for prostate cancer may come in the form of herbal medicines. Saw palmetto has been the most popular and has been mainly associated with the effect of a healthy prostate. It is known to inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that will convert testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT has been attributed to be the cause of prostate problems.

There are also pills that have multivitamins, minerals, and herbs altogether, specifically formulated for a much stronger prostate. Consult your doctor though of such pills, as there might be some substances that you may not be sure of its safeness and efficacy.

Effective pill treatment for prostate cancer may vary for each case, depending on one’s state of prostate health and on one’s current stage of prostate cancer. Treatment by means of pills has provided those who dislike the idea of getting under the knife or being medicated by injections, an alternative to getting treated. At least with pills, a non-invasive treatment is available.

You may always ask your doctor for effective pill treatment for prostate cancer that will work for your situation. As your case and medical condition will allow, pill treatments may be prescribed for you. Just make sure that you also inform your doctor of other drugs that you are also currently taking, especially those that you may have self-prescribed.

Self-prescription is not advisable, as there might be complications that come up when it interacts with other drugs you will be taking. So be safe and be open to your doctor about this, and let him provide you with a safer alternative.

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