It is amazing what the environment we live in can do to our hair. Yes, there are some environmental causes for hair loss and yes, you should take care of your hair even if it has already fallen out. We are living in a world that is continually changing and that is why the environment can contribute to thinning hair or baldness. Here are some of the top causes of hair loss in the workplace and home:

Smoking – The fumes from cigarettes can cause your hair to fall. With all the chemicals and the tar in them, your hair can become weak and fragile. There is no way around smoking in the workplace. It is a serious health risk and should be taken seriously. The best way to deal with smoking in the workplace is to have an anti-smoking policy that will not allow you to smoke in the office but that you can breathe in the other areas of the building.

Physical strain – Physical work is at a higher risk for the damage that it can do to your hair. Any type of work that involves bending, moving, jumping, or any type of repetitive motion, such as a typing job or working on machinery, can shorten your hair. Just because you are physically able to do the job does not mean that it is a job that you should take on. If you are physically unfit, you will need to make sure that you are well protected from things that can happen that will shorten your hair.

Sun Damage – People who spend a lot of time in the sun, especially during the summer months, are at a higher risk of losing their hair. As your hair tries to protect itself, it can become weaker and thinner. It is best to get in the shade when the sun is at its hottest. Spending the day in the sun can also lead to other problems, such as dry skin and wrinkles. Get into the habit of taking breaks and taking a vitamin every hour.

Stress – It is best to control stress in the workplace. If you have more stress than normal, this can cause other issues that will contribute to your hair falling out. This can include poor nutrition and poor quality sleep. The best way to fight the effects of stress is to take action and then learn how to manage your stress. Do not let the effects of stress be a part of your life.

High Blood Pressure – Do not ignore high blood pressure. High blood pressure will lead to loss of hair as well as other health problems. You must know what steps you can take to prevent the problem from becoming worse. See your doctor and ask for a blood pressure check and make changes that you can make to your lifestyle. A doctor can prescribe medications and can tell you what steps you can take to make sure you are healthy.

Light Exposure – When you are exposed to sunlight, you are exposing your body to UV rays. These rays can cause free radical damage that can shorten your hair. There are steps that you can take to reduce your exposure to the sun and your hair will be healthier for it. It is best to use protection that you can purchase at your local drug store.

Infections – Anything that can cause infection can contribute to hair loss. Hormones can cause hair to fall out as well as regular infections. Regular treatments for your infection may help. To avoid the possibility of infections, clean your scalp, and use a cream that will help heal any infections that are present.

Pregnancy – Pregnancy can cause a lot of hair loss in women. If you are pregnant, use wigs that have many layers of hair. Your natural hair is important for the growth of your baby and will help your child look like a normal person.

Prolonged usage of chemicals – If you are using products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair sprays, or gels on a daily basis, this can cause hair loss. It is important to avoid products that are applied to your hair on a regular basis. If you use gels and products on a daily basis, they are using chemicals on your hair. Hair and they are not good for it.

Hair Loss due to vitamin deficiency – Vitamin B deficiency can also cause hair loss. It is important to get plenty of this vitamin in your diet. But it is also important to drink eight glasses of water, a good quality water a day. This will help to keep your hair healthy and strong.

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