When you think of the term Paleo, you may think of Paleolithic times. And that is true. In prehistoric times, there were no refrigerators or iceboxes and people lived off what they could gather themselves and hunted, fish, and hunted some more. Modern-day people have a much easier time of obtaining fresh fruits and vegetables and so their diet is not as varied as it used to be in prehistoric times.

The way in which we eat today is quite different from how our ancestors ate. With the advent of commercial agriculture, the amount of animal products we consume has increased. This is because people are trying to gain extra weight and this has led to an increase in the consumption of carbohydrates. This is not ideal because carbohydrates provide little energy and can cause hunger pangs for hours afterward.

A diet based on the foods that our ancestors ate would supply our human body with all the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to thrive. We have discovered how to make these essential nutrients available by adding sugar to them. We have discovered how to make these sugars available so easily, and that is why sugars are a very popular part of the modern diet.

We also know how to feed our bodies with sugars, but we are not feeding them with essential fats and omega-3 fatty acids. This is simply not going to do for your health. And because of this, there is a rise in obesity, especially in children. And there is also a rise in allergies.

Today, people consume more white bread and white rice, and of course, they eat more dark chocolate. If they switched to a Paleo-style diet, they would eat less refined grains, and less sugar, and more fruit and vegetables. They would also have higher amounts of fiber in their diet, and a higher amount of water.

A Paleo Diet is a diet based on eating fresh foods. It is a diet that focuses on eating grass-fed meats and fewer animal products. This is a very healthy and very nutritious diet.

When we say Paleo Diet, we are not talking about a diet that is just going to involve vegetables and fruit, although they are very good. We are talking about eating only grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and fish. And these animals have had to go through certain processes such as having the time to rest and have no hormones or antibiotics used.

And when you decide to go on a Paleo Diet, you will be shocked to see just how many vegetables and fruits you are eating. In fact, fruits and vegetables are so plentiful in the modern world that people do not even consider them “paleo.”

Eating a Paleolithic diet is quite different from eating a modern-day diet. Since so many people are now trying to gain weight, they are trying to find some quick ways to put on weight.

One of the biggest problems people are having is the chemicals that are in processed foods and the way in which they have been produced in the modern world. When you eat a Paleo Diet, you will be eating healthier and you will be eating meat that has been raised without the use of drugs and chemicals. You will be eating lean meat, and you will be eating grass-fed cattle.

When you eat only grass-fed meats and animal products, you will be getting nutrients from those products that are important to your body in the way of vitamins and minerals, and protein. The Paleo Diet is a great way to help you get back to the way things were before modern civilization.

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