If strict diet and exercise routines are not for you and just make you feel like a failure because you don’t seem to be able to keep them up, then why not try a new approach? Start with something you know you can do, which needs no special equipment, and which you can do anywhere. This is something which is so powerful, so simple it will serve you all your life. I call it a “Power Pause” because it means using a moment to regain power over your decisions about what and when you eat.

To make the “Power Pause” part of your life ask yourself just 3 questions before you eat anything

* Am I physically hungry right now or could I wait?

* How will I feel after I have eaten this?

* Is there a better choice?

The Power Pause is a tool you can use whenever you’re faced with food. You can use it before you buy food in a restaurant or shop. And you can use it before you open the fridge or freezer before you reach into the cupboard for a snack before you have a second cookie. You can even use it during a meal to help you think about whether you have eaten enough. Use it to remind yourself to stop eating whether or not there is food left on your plate or on the table. It simply helps you avoid eating when you’re not hungry.

We all tend to eat food without thinking. We see food, we eat it. We get offered food, we accept it. We pass a burger bar. We suddenly feel “hungry”, go in and order. We anesthetize our minds with food when we’re upset. We hardly notice the food going in.

And eating food without needing it is the primary cause of our weight problems. We eat and eat without thinking whether we’re hungry right now or whether that food is the best choice we can make for our bodies and our health. We eat without thinking about our desire to look good on the beach this year, to do something about our threatening health problems, to feel good about ourselves.

But what does it take to pause for a moment before you make a decision to put food in your mouth, to think twice before you add those calories to your hips? A few seconds at most! Certainly less time than you will spend regretting your bout of over-eating.

You may not succeed in stopping yourself every time especially at the beginning of using this tool – so don’t look for perfection from yourself – look for progress. Keep going because it will eventually become second nature – a habit for the rest of your life – one which will help you stay slim forever.

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