Many believe that success comes through deprivation and that the more you do something you inherently dislike, the more the chances of being successful. Nothing is further from the truth, because real success comes from enjoying what you do. Only then will you stick around long enough to see the results!

Most people who are trying to lose weight feel they love food so much, that they can’t go on a diet or follow an exercise routine. They lament that even if they try to diet and exercise, it’s emotionally so depriving that they can’t sustain it.

So, the trick lies in finding out the things that appeal to you (and be honest or your list will be impractical) and start working around the list. For example, if Cindy likes sweets, biscuits, snacks, Thai food, ice-cream and loves dancing, then this is how she can proceed:

First, set priorities and see where health figures in your chart. Is staying healthy and looking good as important to you as buying a car to having a beautiful house? Look around in the family. Are the elders of the family healthy or do they have a long list of prescriptions? Genetics matter.

Secondly, understand your tastes. Do you like the rich taste of creamy dairy products? Or, perhaps butter chicken?

Analyze your behavior. When you are under pressure, do you look for food as an option being a sensitive person; do you indulge in comfort eating whenever things or people upset you?

Buy books on healthy cooking. There are thousands of recipes that can help you cook a delicious and healthy meal. Many people in low-calorie food workshops are amazed at how delicious health foods like brown rice, oat and soy breads, cold coffee with skimmed milk, whole wheat pasta, chicken made in hung curd, bran biscuits, cheese salad with balsamic dressing, or a roast potato and walnut salad with hung curd and mustard dressing, are outstanding.

Join an exercise routine that you will enjoy, be it dance, aerobics, salsa, or swimming.

Once a week, let go, as we all need some indiscipline in our lives.

Open your mind to fun avenues like good music, movies, aroma candles, smart clothes (according to studies, people who are depressed about their body shape stop shopping).

Being in the company of positive people helps you fulfill your goals!

To lose weight faster, one can skip one large meal per day.

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