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Nothing is perfect. Solve someone’s lack of money and now they have a bigger tax burden. Everything has its pros and cons, its advantages and its limits.

Most money making systems are sold and marketed as if they are flawless. Marketers like to sweep any problems or limits under the rug and hope you don’t find them or know enough to ask about them. 


This system, which I absolutely think can revolutionize your finances, has one big, dramatic flaw to it. It caps out at around $7,000 per month for most folks. 

The System

Operation Immediate Cash
Well, not exactly. What I mean is this… it takes 14 minutes and 17 seconds per day to get it running up to the point where you’re producing good revenue on autopilot (like $7k per month or in some cases even $10k)… but then it requires a massive amount of effort to go beyond that. 

At that point, I would say you should only put in that effort if it brings you joy (above and beyond the finances), or if you find you just have a knack for it.

For 99% of you, I say capitalize on this nice income stream that can be gained quickly, which takes little TLC to hit that $7,000 per month threshold, and then just let it run “as is” and go do something else if you want more. 

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For most, it is a part-time side hustle that can make twice as much as a full time job with one tenth the effort… and it will make sense to treat it as such. 

Anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s just make you some of the easiest money waiting to be claimed, and then we can figure out the next steps… once we give your bank account some breathing room:

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One big consideration though – if you want to automate this method and use the software showcased at the end of the training, the unlimited version will cease to ever be offered again shortly. 

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